Privacy Policy

Last updated: January 24, 2024

Go Telemetry is a way for Go toolchain programs to collect data about their performance and usage. This data can help developers improve the language and tools.

What Go Telemetry Records

Go toolchain programs, such as the go command and gopls, record certain information about their own execution. This data is stored in local files on your computer, specifically in the os.UserConfigDir()/go/telemetry/local directory.

Here is what these files contain:

Importantly, these files do not contain personal or other identifying information about you or your system.

Data Privacy

By default, the data collected by Go Telemetry is kept only locally on your computer.

It is not shared with anyone unless you explicitly decide to enable Go Telemetry. You can do this by running the command gotelemetry on or using a command in your integrated development environment (IDE).

Once enabled, Go Telemetry may decide once a week to upload reports to a Google server. A local copy of the uploaded reports is kept in the os.UserConfigDir()/go/telemetry/remote directory on the user’s machine. These reports include only approved counters and are collected in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy, which you can find at Google Privacy Policy.

The uploaded reports are also made available as part of a public dataset at Developers working on Go, both inside and outside of Google, use this dataset to understand how the Go toolchain is used and if it is performing as expected.

Using the gotelemetry Command Line Tool

To manage Go Telemetry, you can use the gotelemetry command line tool.

go install

Here are some useful commands:

For the complete usage documentation of the gotelemetry command line tool, visit

Approved Counters

Go Telemetry only uploads counters that have been approved through the public proposal process. You can find the set of approved counters as a Go module at and the current config in use.

IDE Integration

If you’re using an integrated development environment (IDE) like Visual Studio Code, versions v0.14.0 and later of the Go language server gopls collect telemetry data. As described above, data is only uploaded after you have opted in, either by using the command gotelemetry on as described above or by accepting a dialog in the IDE.

You can always opt out of uploading at any time by using the gotelemetry local or gotelemetry off commands.

By sharing performance statistics, usage information, and crash reports with Go Telemetry, you can help improve the Go programming language and its tools while also ensuring your data privacy.